Monday, April 27, 2009

zero civilian casualty policy (ZCC)

I must confess it is the first time I have heard of this policy, as announced by the inaptly named MCNS or Media Center for National Security. I guess to a lowly peasant farmer like me, this is not surprising, but to those wired and in the know when every non event hits the screens, I ask you is this part of your vocabulary?

I would really like to know what this means, as just like the misnamed MCNS is this also a misnamed word to mean we accept a one and a few zeros in the word zero! If I were to accept the word at face value, then what have we been seeing so far? When was this policy enacted, and what are the known civilian casualties since this policy was announced? Who else knows about this policy? Have the forces been informed of this? or is it merely a bit of misinformation to fool a few foreigners, some VIPs at that, who are interfering in our internal affairs?

On a more serious note, it is imperative that all steps are taken now to minimize civilian death and injury, as they are all citizens of this land. I know it is easier said than done, when the Tigers have now shed their uniforms and are in the midst of the civilians, and are pretending to be civilians. So it is a question of finding the needle in the haystack, and to do this, utmost care has to be taken to show the way for civilians to escape unharmed, and then perform the necessary steps to ensure that the wolves in sheep's clothing are identified and isolated from the rest.

I pray that making such utterances are not merely words but deeds that are followed up if broken, as otherwise any victory is hollow, and history will judge one harshly, no matter what short term benefit is derived. Remember we are just acting our part for a short period, and others will evaluate our deeds much more harshly with hindsight. All our actions must be justifiable, and in the end we have to be answerable to our conscience and our maker.

Man only judges other men from evidence at their disposal that may not elicit all the facts, therefore it is best if we behave with a sense of morality and not short term gain bearing in mind the responsibility placed on us, and not merely refer to those who give orders from higher up."sorry sir, I was given an order and I followed it to the letter, so I killed everyone in sight as it seemed that all pointed guns at me and I shot them all in self defence!"

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