Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Exhaustion of a Nation is hopefully over- cries for a new Direction

You only have to have lived in Sri Lanka since the JVP uprising in April 1971, to realize that this country has been through the mill in both Sinhala and Tamil fanaticism. This untold misery is seemingly coming to an end and I can only hope we in Sri Lanka can learn from these lessons, clean up our act and prevent the circumstances that gave rise to this in the future.

In dealing with terror, all governments of the day have resorted to draconian emergency laws, denying the fundamental rights to its citizens. I can only hope that they have the foresight to realize that all these measure should be speedily removed so that we don’t have to resort to subterfuge to express our distaste at the way we are governed.

I have also seen the quality of the people in all elected office drop in this same period from people with morals and a sense of duty to those merely of opportunistic thugs on all parties who would resort to any means to gain and keep power, not realizing that they are all servants of the people and not their masters. In order that we revert back to our previous persona, we must therefore clean up politics, and as there is no likelihood of breaking the two party stranglehold on power, and there is no realistic chance of changing the guard and therefore moral fabric of the party in power, it is completely up to the opposition to re-invent themselves in the interests of the country.

I call upon all the contenders for the leadership of the opposition to bow down gracefully from their aspirations, as it has proved that they are in no position to usurp the position of the current leader who despite his considerable flaws is in place due to the lack of a credible successor. I call upon them to attract a person of impeccable moral character and the necessary star power, along with the basic qualities of leadership to be chosen from amongst the people and not the party. I am in short calling for an “Obama moment!!” While it may sound impossible it is the only credible alternative to the present state of government.

The present administration save for the act of winning the ground war for territory has lost every other war it has fought and therefore will not be able to win the “Peace which we so deserve” So the heir in waiting is the person to take us to normalcy and prosperity with a sense of genuine commitment and zero personal gain. Am I just dreaming the impossible? Well Obama did happen and it is not a dream! Ruwan Wijewardene now is your chance!!!!

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A.S.I.T. IZ said...

Hmm, saw the election results....May be you should have a Coke while you wait for Ruwan Wijewardene!