Friday, March 20, 2009

What a Conundrum?

The battle for control of land has been won, or has it? The gallant armed forces are facing a dilemma. There is a government, impatiently, biting at the bit, to claim total victory for political gain, and little regard for the National Interest as sadly there appears little correlation with each. Then there are the Armed Forces, not wanting to lose any more personnel than they already have in fighting at close combat with brainwashed seasoned fighters ready to die for their cause in the final battle.

The natural desire to annihilate the enemy by carpet bombing the remaining 25sq km is held back due the presence of innocent civilians, some of whom have been forced to bear arms at gun point, who may constitute an unacceptable level of casualties. Don’t forget that every innocent killed unwittingly is a citizen of this country, and it is the duty to of the state to avoid this at all costs, so the dilemma is what cost! Let us also not forget that the casualties of the security forces are also stunningly high as they are fighting the hardcore final battle so lets not kid ourselves as to how serious it all is.

The current stalemate has seen about 20,000 leave, escape or be evacuated since the fall of Mullaitivu. We can only hope that the balance 30,000 innocents can do so with little injury and loss of life. How long and what form this will take place is the conundrum. There is no question that the LTTE is looking at these people as their passport to freedom to fight another day, which is something that needs to be prevented.

Don’t forget that the remaining terrorists are the hardcore, along with some civilians subscribing to that philosophy whose minds cannot be changed from their cause. How can you contain them? Without eliminating them! And not cause an international outcry provoked by the Eelam diaspora willing to influence their governments who are then forced to take a stance?

The government has not so far shown its ability to skillfully get international support to pressure the LTTE to release the civilians. There is no option that the government can present to exact this promise. This just leaves the international community in the form of the UN to demand their release and show their commitment by sending a multinational task force immediately to the shores of Mullaitivu to evacuate the trapped civilians. Any attempt by the LTTE to fire on them will be something even the Diaspora would be hard-pressed to justify. It is innocent Tamil civilians that we are trying our best to save from death. Act now and innocent lives can be saved and let not the blood of innocents prick your conscience whoever you may be.

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