Friday, March 20, 2009

The State must be held to a higher moral standard than terrorists

I was mildly amused and not for the first time, when yet again I see a statement attributed to the Prime Minister of this esteemed Island, that there is no outcry when atrocities are committed by the LTTE terrorists.

Who does he think he is addressing these comments to? He thinks he is playing to the gallery, and not to the balcony, but both are intellectually more rational with common sense, that he appears not to have by his word.

One must surely understand that banned terrorists by their very nature are a reprehensible lot, bent on committing every atrocity under the sun, and now are seeing the only chance of prolonging there lives by holding human shields with no care for their safety. We should not for a moment waste our time trying to condemn their acts, as it is an ongoing atrocity that they commit holding defenseless hostages and our efforts should only be to make sure the world understands who they really are by clever media sound bites.

The state must be held to a different standard, that must defend the rights and security of all its 20 millions citizens, not merely their 100 worthless ministers and their cohorts at considerable state expense and even that they don’t appear to be able to do.

We appear to be very petty minded people by the way we respond to international criticism with the latest being the UN Human Rights Report on civilian deaths so far this year. We must rise to the criticism by stating facts that only the state knows. After all with a media blackout only the Defense forces know the facts on their side, with little knowledge of the deaths under land controlled by the enemy combatants or terrorists. The UN may be correct or wrong, even the State may not know, so ask them who were their sources, how reliable are they, have their sources been reliable in the past, has the information been corroborated. These are standard evaluations which even journalists worth their salt engage in before reporting.

So please, ‘defend the Nation State’, give true professionals to address any international criticism and not politicians who show a continuous sense of insecurity by their words. Allow people of the stature of Palitha Kohona to address these independently and not toe the Government line, which he is forced into now, so that impartiality with regard to the answers is apparent.

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