Thursday, July 5, 2018

Security to MPs and Ministers – an unnecessary luxury that further exasperates!

My employer is a Minister in the present Government, and he visited his factory today to review progress.  When lesser mortals like wealthy businessmen visit their companies, they come alone, or at most with a PA to take notes for follow up.

Instead an army of 4 security and 4 hangers on came in, crowding our administration department, where he went into an office  for consultation, and they were left standing awkwardly outside, as if something or someone may barge in, to cause a commotion!

It surely must be embarrassing for my boss too, as it puts all his admin staff, which is less than the security detail, in the administration department out of equilibrium.

Here I was talking about my battle to increase labor productivity to him, as a key to profitability in the present challenging and highly competitive business climate, and there you have the most unproductive contingent costing tax rupees to the private sector. Taxation being one of our main grouses as a business, that is now even more burdened with paying, deducting and accounting for all sorts of taxes to the Inland Revenue Department as a result of the new Act coming into force.

Of course this is part of the overstaffed Public Sector that I have been pointing out in this blog, which needs to be curtailed, trimmed or otherwise reduced in order to release human resource to the labor force that is crying out for staff.

I wish to point out that people are aware of the unproductive, easy and secure tenure of the Public Sector and continue to demand to get into this service when compared to the Private Sector that is considered to be too demanding and harsh with performance targets, on time attendance, and work ethic, all of which is obviously not present in these individuals who merely go from place to place like appendages, that don’t contribute an ounce of sweat and toil for the GDP of the nation. Put simply they produce no value addition. In other words they are leaches.

This blog is dedicated to increase the quality of life of people who live in this country and this is but one of many such proposals I have made over ten years in adding to the quality of life, not taking away anything from the person protected. Frankly, even to the protected VIP, this whole “perehara” is also a nuisance. They don’t have to pay for it, the Country does. So they have not taken the initiative to dispose of this encumbrance. Some even relish, due to personal deficiencies, a chip on one's shoulder perhaps.

I appeal for sanity and modesty in behavior, in times such as the present, where the private sector struggles to make ends meet in an increasingly difficult business environment. It is frankly unpalatable to see the waste of public money in such circumstances where people are called to tighten their belts.

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