Thursday, July 20, 2017

The story of Dinesh – is the story of Sri Lanka – we all have it in us to achieve


What I do often when I interview 20 somethings who are looking for jobs is to open their EYES.

They come to me with their eyes closed, blind for want of a better word, and all I can do, is to try and make them see. No one, yes No one seems to have had the presence of mind to shake our youth from this unreal dream they have, into this world of real opportunity that they know nothing about.

Sometimes we say oh today’s kids just don’t enjoy life like we did when we were young, yes that is true, and it is also true for the generation before that, and before that. That is called life, as each year changes from the year before, nothing remains the same, and its tough, but we just have to accept it and learn to live with it.

Something however has changed with today’s youth who are ZOMBIES, mechanical robots, lifeless ghosts, expressionless statues, ‘you get what I mean!’

So it is extremely heartwarming when a story like Dinesh’s hits the media, see link below which is well worth reading:

Full marks then to this young man, who wins the Gold Medal, and all this in just 8 months. Thanks to Dilmah, that is doing a stirling job finding, plucking and then enabling with their funds, to allow these little gems of our youth who come from the most unfortunate of circumstances, a chance at getting a REAL foothold on life.

I keep saying those born in Sri Lanka are the best of the best on earth, and our systems fail them, our education eats them up and sucks out all the creativity that God has given, and it is now up to us to correct this gross deceit of false promises and expectations and turn it into a productive outcome just like in the case of Dilmah that has enabled this young man Dinesh to take the first step out of poverty and insecurity to help himself and his country as a worthwhile citizen.

It is this can do spirit that must return, as years of entitlement culture spawned by self-serving politicians, who have used government jobs carrot to manipulate the masses into being political hacks merely to expect government largess, which had led to this state of impotence. 

Let’s applaud and emulate Dilmah

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