Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PM Modi a showman of the first order – knows how to WOW an audience!

I am ashamed as a Sri Lankan that after 70 years of Independence, we have NOT been able to integrate the people of Indian descent into the Sri Lankan family that they are now an integral part of. Those who like the joker/traitor Sarath Weerasekera who seeks to divide the communities to say that Modi should give equal status to the different communities is dreaming in technicolor, as it is people like him, who have done their utmost in NOT bringing together the one Sri Lanka concept by NOT integrating all people who live here into the fabric of Sri Lanka, that enabled Modi to use the event to maximize his political capital here and back home in India among the Tamil community who even in India are difficult to unite under the India banner at best!

Let us NOT mix Modi and our inadequacies and try and say that Modi by his behavior treats Sri Lanka as just another province of India! Remember, how Modi wants to treat Sri Lanka is HIS prerogative, he is first and foremost the Prime Minister of India and his political survival depends on the people of India NOT Sri Lanka. If it is perceived by the Indians that he is stamping his authority on Sri Lanka, that is his right, if we give him the opportunity. Don't our politicians also try to get photo ops with Royalty and foreign leaders to boost their failures and have them printed on the front page?

India built the hospital in Dickoys because we did not build it. If we built it we would NOT invite him to open it. You cannot have your cake and eat it. Similarly we did not build the Hambantota Port, China did. If the Chinese did not give Rajapakse the loan under terms that Rajapakse exploited for his political capital we would NOT have a Harbor in Hambantota to argue about.

The moral of this story is that the politicians in Sri Lanka be they representing the Estate Sector or the TNA, or Muslim Congress or some of the Sinhala Buddhist. UPFA or UNF are bent on dividing this Country to only help their own people. In this regard they create division and will not work towards integration of the one Country Concept that is essential for this Country to go forward as one Nation, to improve the quality of life of ALL WHO LIVE HERE, the philosophy I have been fighting for all the years since I returned to Sri Lanka in 2004 after 33 years overseas, determined that we can unite under one flag if we all put aside our personal prejudices and put Country before self.

I have come to the conclusion that MOST politicians as referred to above put self before country and therefore find causes that fool the uneducated people, who are not learned but fed by fools to become fools, and therefore follow bankrupt policies that ensure their survival. (the current class of politician is well nurtured in this environment and so does not want to upset his equilibrium)

My point in this essay is to show how easy it is for a foreign politician to come to Sri Lanka and score brownie points in his Country, by this superb act of showmanship, right under our noses, because the jokers or traitors who have exploited these divisions have allowed a sense of insecurity for minorities and majorities alike to wallow in self pity, and so endear themselves to whoever purports to represent their interests more than the locals, and in this instance, PM Modi was that savior.

Worse we are still allowing India to build homes for our citizens, and his offer of 10,000 homes was accepted as we just cant organize a piss up in a brewery to build one house, when their homes collapse after a landslide! Look at the Koslanda tragedy of recent times if we want an example of what I am talking about. No wonder our politicians are perpetuating this problem NOT solving it.

Whether or not Modi should have been invited to SL in the first place is one to be debated another day in a different essay, but under the Modi glow our corrupt, incompetent politicians flocked to his after-glow to be in his shade like babies craving the mother’s warmth, without allowing him to do his bit as is his want alone!

Worse, if we had truly patriotic politicians they will NOT even get close to Modi, giving him time to meet the best of Sri Lankans in all fields, from the Arts, Business, and Science to show off our talent as a Country that can stand with India shoulder to shoulder, and not be submissive. Indians look on our politicians as buffoons but on our talented individuals as world class! Why not show our strengths, not our weaknesses. Every other country does.

Let the bogus Dian Jayatilleke’s of this world wollow in dreams of subjugation, which his own ilk have created in the first place, and write divisive pieces of prose to exact some vicarious revenge on his purported enemies.

The reality is we are a proud nation with many accomplishments of men and material, blessed with a natural resource beyond comparison, in which most of the wealthy of the world would wish to live, BUT which has been let down by incompetent leaders, media figures and politicians of all colors, who would never be employed by the private sector even as security guards, and have ruined this Country from Garbage dumps to Garbage thoughts to Garbage ideas to being the Garbage wordsmiths that have filled the heads of our brightest citizens with Garbage thoughts!

The day will dawn, and I trust it will be sooner rather than later, when we don’t allow others to steal the limelight from us, but act as equal partners of a brilliant nation held to a high standard by the rest of the world, and when that day dawns, there will be NO politicians as we know today, around to litter the land with their Garbage. 

When this movement removes forever by a TSUNAMI, the politicians and pundits who live off the people for their own survival, only the Country will BENEFIT!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article which illustrates the Sri Lankan disease in a nutshell.

Let us pray the cure is nigh!