Monday, November 21, 2016

Stoking fear is NOT a joke, it plays into the base instincts of the easily FOOLED! (BIOTEF)

As if the Donald Trump victory has not taught us in Sri Lanka a lesson is an indication of the level of mental bankruptcy of our leadership, as to what can happen when an opportunist sees a chance and FLIES with it literally as the Donald did in the USA and left all those who are NOT his fans STUNNED, while the Trump backers did not find it out of the ordinary. Many among them in Rural America finally found someone who said what they felt, and that was at the heart of this appeal, that we will now have to contend with for the next 4 years.

This is exactly what is about to happen in Sri Lanka, unless the Govt. understands the mood of the nation and tackles the growing opportunistic elements head on so that they do not get an extended life.

It is all too clear that the extremists on both sides of the fringe, and here I mean tiny minority of fanatical Muslims who are stoking hate, along with the counterweight by another minority of Sinhala Chauvinists, who see an opportunity in the limelight, inciting hatred WHICH PLAYS INTO THE BASE INSTINCTS OF THE EASILY FOOLED (BIOTEF)  barely educated types, along with some of the well educated scholars who believe in a pure Sinhala Buddhist State, as a matter of their ideology. By the way BIOTEF applies to both communities, and in generalized form in all communities.

IF these opposing ideas at each end of the spectrum are allowed to fester, and are NOT stopped in their tracks we are in for a difficult time, where when faced with a multitude of world developments, interest rate hikes, inability to repay our foreign loans, and the resulting economic downturn, will all be covered up by this resurgent false NATIONALISM that is about to engulf our common psyche.

As if we have forgotten the riots of 1983, which had a devastating and lasting impact on the well being of all who in live in Sri Lanka, why don’t we learn from the past and NOT repeat these in the future?

The answer lies ONLY in the 225 in parliament who MUST all work together to tackle this potential flashpoint and prevent its rebirth. Unfortunately it is the very same people who are taking opportunistic sides, worried about their electability and voter base, who end up playing into the same BIOTEF for their survival as they are really morally bankrupt, political hacks, past their sell by dates, looking to fight another day.

The leadership of the President to draw a line in the stand now is paramount.

The article refers to some of the measures needed to combat this ugly tendency~

I urge the majority of the Muslim leadership and the wealthy business community to get together and moderate their rabble rousers, who see an opportunity in counter attacking these racist remarks of the few chauvinists, some hiding under robes. This is an issue we cannot let rise up to the surface, because of the impending economic crisis, that would want the 225 in parliament to find the blame not on them, but find another issue for the people and diabolical media to hang their hat on to FOOL THE PEOPLE.

No one wants violence, the ISIS remarks were completely uncalled for at this time, and made totally out of context by a mentally bankrupt person who if trying to find traction, after being discredited as a fraud and liar on another totally unrelated issue. This typical ability, desire and cynical use of manipulation of people especially in the political leadership, to use the crassest treachery to ricochet personal allegations of impropriety, by appealing to the BIOTEF MUST STOP.

It is unfortunate that we do not have a media with a backbone to point out this infallibility of our leaders, so that we can quash this ricochet, WITHOUT further inflaming sensitive minds by giving it undue coverage, which it was given in this instance, which is why I have even bothered to broach this subject, as I believe it has been blown out of proportion, by people who wish to personally gain by it.

I believe my acronym BIOTEF is an apt word to ensure that the Media use this test, and NOT report incidents and events, and pontifications of treacherous individuals which has lead to the present crisis, when NONE existed just a few weeks ago. I know social media has a part to play in this, and these frustrated individuals will also use this medium to stoke their hate mongering, which it simply is.

The moderate Muslim community is also to blame for being silent, when they saw the fundamentalist elements being permitted to enter and spread their word through Saudi sponsorship over the past 30 years that has changed the color of the Muslim women from colorful saris covering their faces, to black burkhas! Islam is not any different from that of 30 years ago, it is the outward practice that has changed, and angered and caused concern amongst the majority community, that the Muslim community also must be cognizant of. It takes two to tango, and moderation is the need of the hour.

So for the President to offer a quid pro quo to the chauvinists, he must go to them with some promises that the Muslim community agree to, such as abiding with the law of the land, and if that means that minimum age for marriage is 18 then it should be for all who live in Sri Lanka, irrespective of culture or religion, period. 


Then identify the politicians in this league and make sure they become history, not the present or the future. It is time we use a test of competence and let this be question No 1!

You will be surprised how easy it will be to clean up the act once and for all using this criteria.

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