Sunday, October 16, 2016

The most response I have had for my posts since I began posting here in 2007 - yesterday's advice to the Monetary Board

I wish to thank my readers, including those on my facebook page which generated most of the interest, who have been most interested in a topic I really did not think would go too far, as the subject matter was a little hard to understand at best. However it was a principled stand that I took, trying to enlighten the reader to the conspiracy hatched by the Media, aided and abetted by people who have ENVY and JEALOUSY written all over them, to attack success. 

This is all the more hard to stomach for people because the object of their ire is a 33 year old billionaire who basically appeared from nowhere just about 5 years ago, and is now worth in excess of Rs50B. All this in a matter of 5 years.

This is the year of YOUTH and to that we must bend our heads, if we seriously believe we can get out of our economic woes and face the global dynamics with strength.

If Saudi Arabia, one of the slowest in making any moves out of traditional practices, has appointed a 31year old as the Deputy Crown Prince, who is now effectively making much of the decision making in the Kingdom, we can too!

We in Sri Lanka seem to be a long way from that point, but if discussion of what youth can do in light of these last year’s events turned into scandals, courtesy of ignorance and false information put out by aging has beens, who do not like a new generation taking over, we cannot move on. Don’t be prejudiced, be objective.

Much of what I wrote yesterday, was in fact an AGE WAR, where the OLD are trying desperately to hold onto dying practices that have NO place in society today.

The time for Youth, where the Central Bank is still listens to what people who have absolutely NO input in this century. Worse, the Media also make the same mistake in taking heed of has been Economists, and past staff of the CBSL for advice that is far from objective, and ONLY out our respect for age.

I sincerely believe that CBSL MUST also rise with the sign of the times, and have new people with new ideas in their decision making capabilities as commented by people who gave me valuable pointers, which I hope the Monetary Board of the CBSL will heed, or at least consider, when taking important decisions that affect the Country. 

Let us not forget that we will be dead soon, it is those who are 30 and under who will HAVE to bear the burden of our mistakes made out of arrogance. Millenial thinking is on a different plane to that of ours and we chose to belittle it at our peril.


Anonymous said...

You have begun a generational WAR. You have taken the side of youth against your own contemporaries. Brave Man.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

Thanks. I am now writing the Constitution of Sri Lanka, that can only be understood by people born after 1991! It does not have political parties, and set ideologies, only policies, to ensure we have access to clean water, clean air, clean food and preserve the environment as the only tenets.

Everything else in life merely follows. Our constitution writers with one foot already in the grave don't get it. They are rewriting, I am creating a future to last till the end of the century at least.