Saturday, January 2, 2016

So what is this idea of two Boats only, that can use power for Whale watching?

I was asked why I would recommend two boats, (a suggestion in the previous blog entry) and two licenses to be auctioned to unrelated parties. I know if it was the same organization, they could use the same overhead and therefore reduce the costs to the Customer!

Well have you heard about MONOPOLY pricing? I believe that will lead to NO competition and exploitation of the visitor for personal greed only, maximizing the profitability of the organization. Steps to avoid a OLIGOPOLY Mafia too!

So what, let us say three boats have licenses, then all the marketing could be handled through one source, and people could choose which of the three boats based on customer satisfaction from the Web, and there could be differences in quality, price, service, insurance to passenger, food on board, sale times and different levels of comfort depending on which deck the customer is on. These levels of differentiation, can have different price points, that enable customers to choose what type of product they wish to purchase, even though only two or three operators are allowed to operate one vessel each based on certain maximum specified dimensions.

One assumes (that can be wrong and so adjusted) when there is this choice, the tourist, local and foreign will get the service he or she pays for. There will NOT be this element of touts operating to take people, mostly on foot, but also by three wheeler to the dock as is done at present. There could be a dedicated dock with parking and other refreshment facilities for the convenience of the tourist as you would have in other countries with SOUVENIR SHOPS of whales need I say!

Today’s practice is a sorry excuse for a squeeze, of the UNKNOWN (a tourist does not know until he goes throughout the whole process, what he is paying for!) that is simply unacceptable as the cost is quite high, and the likelihood of exploitation accordingly unacceptable. We don’t want tourists partaking in this telling others it is NOT worth the experience as they weigh the price and convenience and impression very critically these days. 

I do not believe the small man will be priced out of this, as he has the option of a boat without a motor, a lower cost approach than now, and possibly be able to give an experience the licensees don’t have. Anymore to say that currently it maybe a mafia or one or two who are exploiting the situation anyway, so that any concern for the little un, is just wishful thinking, and the only person been screwed is the hapless tourist getting short end of the stick, whichever option is chosen. Nothing to stop the VV Wealthy in their own yachts, for personal trip

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Anonymous said...

Sri Lankans are masters of collusion. How to prevent this with the two boats colluding (not colliding) on prices with each other? It's in their interest to keep prices artificially high.