Monday, May 18, 2015

Remembrance Day or Victory Day

When a war ends and there is a victorious and a defeated party, there is a natural tendency of the Victorious to celebrate this victory, as many died for this result, and it is more of a tribute to them, that the carnage is finally over. The vanquished are in shock!

That said, when one reflects on it once the initial exuberance dies down and one realizes that it was a Civil War where it was one’s own Countrymen ON BOTH sides that perished, it is more apt to remember those who died on both sides, one side one may say were led to their deaths by an ideology that led their followers to believe in their goal of independence that turned out more to be the fantasy of their leader, much like the Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin mold of demagogues, Prabarkaran being hardly any different!

The problem is that there are those in thee TNA who still insist on calling this a Mahaveer or some such week, that glorifies this flawed man, for some kind of need to find succor in his suicidal endeavor that reduced the Tamil population in the areas that he claimed, to less than half of what they were when the movement started. In essence nullifying the whole process. Many left his terror, not that of the Sinhala army!! And it is time this is laid bare.

In reality the war has ended, and not even the Tamil refugees in a far tougher land of India wish to return to Sri Lanka, which says a lot for the perception of Tamil people, of Sri Lanka as refuge for them from hereinafter.

There are more Tamil people in Canada than there are in the Northern Province, negating their homeland issue for a mere 500,000 people! In a land of 20M where more Tamil people live amongst Sinhala, and would not leave those areas for all the tea in China. Time for the Diaspora to come to their senses that there is nothing for them to fight for or complain anymore except feel good that one day they may escape the misery of their adopted lands.

True there is much we can do to ensure that the people living in the North live in dignity, with NO fear, and are provided with basics of life available to all, and that does not mean roads. People still require the basics of life, and security to families led by women, who still have not got over the PTSD they have suffered due to the hostilities.

It is therefore VERY APT that as a mark of reconciliation with the vanquished, and oneness of the Sri Lankan people we all remember this war as one we should never wish to repeat and one we must always work to avoid. In that context it is important that the political parties representing the Tamils also join in this, as otherwise they are shown not to have accepted the Olive Branch offered as reconciliation. They must in that same vein STOP this Genocide Week stories also, and grow up and realize that it takes two to tango into the reconciliatory mode.

Similarly the jokers in the Rajapakse camp that are harping on the need for a Victory Parade should be publicly branded traitors, as being the reason for the lack of reconciliation and division in our society and treated like the lepers they are, for such divisive ideas that only SEPARATE us and NOT UNITE, as being traitors in the progress to a more tolerant and inclusive state where all those who do otherwise are shown up as the cause of separatism!!     


Anonymous said...

who is this mr. balasuriya with swiss bank accounts in the millions of dollars for he and each member of his family? HE should be hung as a traitor, and for that matter hung from his genetalia no less!! he is an example, as are the others with exposed bank account details, including mr. kotelawela, mr. senanayake, and mr. hindramani, of traitors that should be brought to book. it's a shame that the politics of retribution will overlook these and many others making it illegitimate in the eyes of the masses. have some self awareness!! the masses are no fools.

Anonymous said...

Anon above - you are merely a brain dead lankan who cannot see beyond what you read or see or hear!

This is just the HSBC part of wikileaks and DOES not form all Sri Lankans who have Swiss Bank accounts.

What about people who hold other overseas assets that are far bigger in value than these piffling balances reported!

After all a house in London can be over $50M and we know many Sri Lankans who have many homes in the best parts of London.

So dont get ahead of yourself here, it is those who stole from the people by siphoning off fat commissions from Public Projects who should be incarcerated first.

Doesn't the name Rajapakse, Rajapakse, Rajapakse and Rajapakse ring a bell? in that context ......

Anonymous said...

What is $10M for the Balasuriyas, they have much more than that in other overseas assets and in other bank accounts!

Anonymous said...

Audit firms charge fees that are about the equivalent of 100 years of a junior's monthly salary, when it should be around 5 years, so in Sri Lanka they charge 20 times as much as they should or pay the junior that much more.

So let us start by saying a person who is fit to be a Audit clerk and get a good training MUST be paid at least Rs20,000 a month as the chargeable rate is about Rs200K a month for his services leaving more than enough for partners and overheads