Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Active Virile and Effective Opposition is an Absolute Necessity

For a thriving democracy – so says the respected elder statesman of Journalism Gamini Weerakoon in his weekly column last Sunday.

What he has missed out is that there is such a thing BUT IT DOES NOT GET AN AIRING ANYWHERE!

It is due to the FEAR of the PEOPLE to publish and permit the opposition space. I was informing a Lawyer this morning, that the Nil Balakaya or Namal Rajapaksa’s personal Youth Wing, had put a half page ad in the papers today, Congratulating the SLFP on its 63rd anniversary and giving the logos of the Mobile Phone Companies, where the youth could download the Nil Balakaya theme song as a ring tone.

When I was involved in dong the same thing for the Youth Front of the UNP some time ago, to have their theme as a ring tone the Mobile Phone companies refused to have it done.

Gamini there has to be the same level playing field for both sides, and so if the Mobile Phone companies were FRIGHTENED OF THEM, and not us then our opposition is suppressed.

What are the lawyers doing to fight this? NOTHING. They just pay lip service, and should be ashamed of themselves as a profession in Sri Lanka, where they are also acting in fear and NOT in the interests of their clients, completely at odds with their OATH. The profession just like the journalists should just be consigned to the dustbin of Sri Lankan professions, as completely under the spell of their ruling masters.

They have a simple choice, just withdraw their services, and the State will come to heal, but they are not willing for a moment to destroy their gravy train in the Public’s Interest as it appears from their action or more like INACTION that they subscribe to the current status quo for the sake of personal gratification, pecuniary LY!

My whole blog has one goal, and that is namely to point out oddities in our thinking, lifestyle and double standards, that bar this Country from being the true Paradise on earth, and point fingers at all those people who are complicit in this prevention, appealing to them to set personal greed aside for the National Good, or at least compromise a little so that we can all participate in God’s Gift To Mankind – Sri Lanka!  and not just a favoured few who want to keep it to themselves alone!