Friday, December 6, 2013

EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS – Time for some introspection!

For the most part there has been a numbing silence in the media about the only 4 suspects, in the Brutal Murder of a policeman and his wife while they slept in their bed at their home, having been killed, and the case is NOW CLOSED!

Take a step back. There were two people brutally killed, and the police have killed all 4 they suspected of involvement in the murder. Does that imply there are NO other suspects? If so why? Should there be an investigation into that possibility? Have they missed the real culprit, the man who hired these guns?

These are questions that go unanswered, and when the two kids of the policeman grow up with their grandparents, they will forever blame the police for not investigating this possibility, as they will grow up with the doubt that the mastermind behind the brutal murder of their parents is still alive.

This in essence is why there is something hugely wrong with our system of judicial killings, which is almost common practice in Sri Lanka today. There are people who justify this by saying it happens in other countries too, and that is a normal procedure. However our laws are quite clear, that ALL suspects of a crime are entitled to a fair trial. This outcome is NOT a fair trial.

So am I to ask for the first two murder files to be kept open and further investigations carried out as to who may have been behind this gang, as they appear to be a gang of petty criminals, when compared with the hugely troubling drug distribution that the deceased policeman was involved in investigating? Were these two bit gangsters hired by a feared drug lord?

Who is the biggest drug baron in the Matara region? Who is giving him protection? There is NO evidence that this ‘katayam jhonnie’ who was the last man killed, was anything but a habitual village criminal and murderer, with no serious power and wealth behind him and not the brains behind the drug cartels that were being investigated, by I assume this honest cop who was killed.

I request the authorities to keep open the deaths of 6 individuals, and come to conclusions, at why the first two were murdered and who gave the orders. Then in the other 4 killings, why was the police NOT able to provide adequate security to the arrested criminals to prevent them making a gateaway, in a country where the police are NOT short of manpower, or weapons or for that matter restraints. This is a classic COVER UP and NEEDS INVESTIGATION    

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Anonymous said...

Actually the order to kill the honest police man came from a Senior Police Official, as it was getting too hot, with the copper just about to out him as the big Cheese.

Sadly this is the state of the Police State. They are the only ones involved in Organized Crime in Sri Lanka today, of course in partnership with the Govt. politicians.