Friday, December 28, 2012

Sex – Sri Lanka tops the list of most Googled!!!!! – What is the issue?

Splashed on all the papers today, both Sinhala and English was the fact that Sri Lanka topped with Google list of Countries that googled the word Sex. India came in at a close second and the list has Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh not far behind!

Am I reading far more into this than it warrants? I don’t know, but to see 5 countries in South Asia in the top ten, is surely not coincidental. I would wish to know a little about how this survey was done, and if this is according to number of searches irrespective of the population of the Country concerned or if it is relative to the population?

On the face of it there is some great desire amongst the populations during the holiday periods to search these subjects, when leisure time permits! It was during the Sinhala/Tamil New Year and the Christmas Holiday period that these searches appear to have peaked in Sri Lanka, and similarly during Indian holiday periods was when it happened in India, so I presume our people have nothing better to do during these holidays, not conversing with their friends and relatives, but to spend time on the net looking to gain some form of enjoyment thus by going through pornographic sites.

Is there a greater desire for sex than other cultures that does not get satisfied due to cultural strictures and preventions, which release presumably men to go into these search engines to obtain that which they do not obtain at home?

What about the image of this Country, where it TOPS the world LIST? That is going to be fodder for people to laugh at us, as being a highly frustrated or unsatisfied (sexually) people who seek their thrills in this sort of medium.

What are the other implications? Is that the level of prostitution in Sri Lanka is far higher than estimated. The numbers engaged in this trade from Three Wheeler driver pimps to people renting out rooms by the hour all around the country are mushrooming, and with little sign of reduction. That the Law Enforcement Authorities, the underworld and by implication local politicians all earn a fabulout amount of money from the use and abuse of females who are trying to add to the meager earnings that there household has due to the principal bread winner being unemployable or alcoholic, by engaging in this vocation to sustain their family!

These are social questions that bear answering. It is something that no doubt will be debated in drawing rooms and in bars and let us hope some positives will result.


Anonymous said...

it's a good question: what is the issue here? there seem to be many depending on from whose perpective you examine.

one is from the perspective of the Sri Lankans that are doing these searches, moreso than any other group of people in the world! obviously there is a great curiosity towards 'sex' that exists in their minds moreso than in others in other countries. why? is it the suppressive nature of society? if so, wouldn't pakistan be higher ranked? is it the lack of curiosity about other subjects in the world other than this basic human drive? is it lack of discipline and focus in their lives? perhaps they have nothing better to do than do this.

from the perspective of those that represent Sri Lankans as a people to outsiders, obviously this is a point of embarrassment for them in interactions with any other person that is aware of this ranking. Imagine when MR goes to meet the Queen of England and she knows about this? How about the Pope? hahahaha

also with regards to elected sri lankans that represent sri lankan constituents in government. they must be thinking to themselves 'am i trying too hard?' why bother with roads, bridges, highways, ports, human rights, rule of law, anti-corruption, transparency, etc. when the people are mainly interested in sex?

from the perspective of the philanthropists that have invested millions in teaching people English language and computers, they now know how far their efforts have gone.

so what is the issue here???

Anonymous said...

Some of the violence that is widespread in Sri Lanka is because we are terribly sexually repressed as a society. Any reference to sex is severely repressed ("chee chee") in schools, even a kiss is censored in movies (while a close-up of a stabbing is quite alright), etc. When natural sexual urges surface and conflict with this image of sex as something dirty, people become aggressive.
-- PolSambol