Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sequel to the beating of students by the OIC – Dehiyattakandiya

The previous blog entry details the facts referred to in this article below.

After a 52hr journey, when we had just hoped for a 24hr commitment, we finally returned to Colombo at around 11pm on the 30th of July. So it was only this morning that we could check the bonafides of the journalists at the scene. Surprise surprise, imagine that all my worst suspicions were confirmed. The reporters DID NOT SEND reports or photos of the incident to Colombo, obviously for fear of offending the OIC.

This is the whole point of the abuse of power by state officials, be it police or others and even elected officials, as they hold all within their purview hostages in their own homes, not permitting them to do their jobs, effectively and fairly. It is a sign of the times, that power is all powerful and all encompassing, where the law takes second place.

The OIC knows that the law takes years to take its course and individuals do not have the endurance to take matters into their own hands. So he knows he is beyond the law, as he has the power to make things difficult. So much so that even one of our release documents from the hospital, where were able to get our two boys discharged the following day and safely remove them from the OIC’s place of control, was extracted in front of our own eyes by another of the OIC’s surrogates.

It is time that people understand that this is happening and there is something they can do about it. It is up to us who are willing to fight the injustice and the dictatorial behavior of the petty officials to correct the wrongs and give the people of the country their freedom and democracy.

It is this fight that I believe responsible people who read this blog take a stand for and point out to all they know that it is imperative that they fight the system in the most productive way they can and in order to do this task it is important that there is some sense of commitment and priority in achieving this before the whole country plunges into a state of anarchy, dictated to by local goons, back to the days of feudal lords over whom the average citizen has no chance to combat and fight justice for their grievances. The next step by them is “trumped up charges” against all who try to defend freedom. This is enough of a threat to keep people under control and under the thumb of these people’s servants. We must act promptly with a plan to destabilize this obstructive system NOW and ACT. The system is wrong, we have to change it.

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