Thursday, November 3, 2011

The society we live in – criminal activity is considered a normal solution

Sri Lanka has suddenly become a country where violence and murder to achieve one’s ends appears to be a very matter of fact event. If one takes three examples to make a point. First, the murder of a successful businessman his wife and two children in the Udawalawa area, when they discovered who the hooded people were who had come to house to rob them. Then there was the sensational contract killing of a well respected doctor in the Karandeniya area. His assassins have just been apprehended and it seems it was part of the fight for channel patients. So even in the medical field death seems to be the only solution to financial gain.

I need not elaborate on the State sponsored violence within their own ranks, with the administration of justice at a new low as it pertains to those who are in Govt.

If this is permitted to continue, criminal activity will form part of the legislation that the Govt. puts forward to parliament which the now compliant judiciary will allow with not a murmur. Depending on your point of view the new legislation the govt. proposes to use underutilized assets is nothing more than daylight robbery of private property permitted by legislation. There exists sufficient legislation to deal with such property and so nothing more is required. The speed with which this is being brought in and the fact that the legislation will pass owing to the overwhelming control of Parliament means we do not know what is next for us.

The forced acquisition of private property will be next, and the rational used for choosing whose property seems very fluid, and so it is an attack on all opposition, in fact a draconian rule that is deftly passed by a sleight of hand with nere a whimper, as most people in the country do not even understand the current power of the state let alone the additional powers they seem to want to extract.

The examples show that there is a fine line between what is criminal and what is not, as well as to whom the law applies. The law is therefore not equal, and with the fading of the independence of the judiciary and the executive having complete control, more like a vice grip on the legislature, it is a Dictatorship of the worst kind that has been voted in by the people. I am not sure if they realized this when they voted for them, but giving too much power to so few people to do anything is grounds for a complete breakdown in all manner of decency and civilization. If we who are aware of this do not agitate and are not vociferous to defend the freedoms we should enjoy and have been grabbed from us, no one will. It is incumbent upon us to begin a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the abyss that this country is heading into, because too many people who have unknowingly bought into it.


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Anonymous said...

Disgruntled few are harping on a few criminal activities which are at a very low level now compared to the situation from 1977 to 1994. Now Supreme Court Judges are not stoned, temple are not fenced by force with barbed wires, professors are not manhandled and dragged through gutters, students are not killed by penetrating roofing bolts through skulls, turfing contractors are not given with IP posts for performing contract killings, etc., etc., etc....the list will go for pages and pages. The very same people who disenfranchised former Prime Minister on bogus and built up accusations are trying a lot of crocodile tears to attract $$$$ and destabilisation tactics to make out motherland another Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, etc with the help frm West who are enjoying blunders of their economic mis-calculations, mis-concepts, an mis-management. We Sri Lankans should be a prey to these failing states of the West.