Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dilemma over the future undergraduate boot camp

This is a hot topic today, but as usual our complacent population by voting with their feet are permitting the government to do as they please without opposition. It appears that the opposition was caught flat footed yet again, and now scrambling to get this subject into open debate. There were 3000 young prospective entrants bussed in from some parts of the Island, at government expense so the President could give them a PEP talk. Looking at government tv this evening on this issue they carefully slected articulate students who endorsed this along with a parent or two who also approved of this to make a statement that there is no opposition to this.

Whilst I am in principle not opposed to some kind of pre university entrance orienteering course, which I believe should last at least 6months, where English and IT is also taught to all prospective undergrads, the surreptitious way in which the governemnt brought this procedure without debate in Parliament, so that the legality of this locally within our laws and any treaties which we are signitories to should all be looked at before implementation.

Technically it violates an International law, about forced military training. Now the govt. is saying this is not military training even going so far as saying this is leadership training.The Human Rights case is strong and why the govt does not stay a week to have some discussion does affect my belief that they wanted a surreptious start without allowing time for any oppisition to galvanize any support.

The climate of fear prevents students and parents opposing to speak for fear of retribution. The legal delays just shift the implementation focus a few weeks, but as the parent of the child who has been asked to come to training is apprehensive for fear their child will ot be permitted to enter his chosen field at university.

This creates a dilemma where as the really affected party the parents and kids who are hoping to go to Uni are reluctant to speak against this proposal. Unless those really affected and are truly opposed to this are permitted to voice their concerns the gov will maintain that it is the usual suspects complaining but the parents have been bought over.

To solve this problem the general public needs to be taught to evaluate the nuances of the issue and then make an inofrmed statement.

I am therefore primarily seeking comments of the readers to express thier side on this.


Anonymous said...

Good post, I agree.

Anonymous said...

The crux of it is the compulsory nature of this training. I have no doubt there will be many beneficiaries from this course. A course such as this openly discussed and transparent, with time to set up a true leadership and disciplined undergraduate with full knowledge of the training involved, especially to parents and kids is one I will endorse but should be voluntary.

Technically due to the compulsory nature and the fact that it is held at security forces camps with many instructors from the forces creates a possibility of a violation of Human Rights.

Lets see what the Courts say about this and I trust their judgement will be devoid of party affiliation, but directed purely at the legality and respect for individual freedoms.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

I am a product of boarding, scouting and Naval Cadet Force and endorse leadership, skills of independance and discilpline. I have read many personal accounts saying it is good for the kids. So I agree in principle that a well organized course can benefit the attendee.

However with no knowledge of the course content, and we can only surmize that is in the form of a brainwash unless proved to the contrary, we must oppose this in principle untill all the stakeholders are consulted and appropriate steps taken to prevent it from being hijacked as another Government Scheme of mind control over our youth.

Anonymous said...

What I really cannot understand is that the Govt. implements this with very little notice. This catches everyone especially the stakeholders unawares. It is then hard to have a unbiased debate, as the sword of democles is hanging over the heads of the students who have received their A level results and hope to get into university.

If they do not attend their chances at a better life may have gone for good, or so they believe so they just follow the orders like mice frightened to speak out.

Anonymous said...

I think springing things by surprise so that other cannot react is part of a strategy to minimise opposition.

Remember how the 18th amendment was smuggled through as an urgent bill?

The courts have issued a stay order but it is going ahead anyway?

Anonymous said...

This debate has really polarizd people, but the those for the training don't really understand what those opposed to it are fighting about.

It is not about the need for leadershiip training at all levels, including MPs but to the fact that the Govt. without any discussion is making these mandatory, and not leaving sufficient time to debate and refine to satisfy the stakeholders.

It seems to be that the Govt. is the only stakeholder that wants this for their own ends and not the student themselves. It is what is good for the student that we are fighting for and not the Govt. Even educated people don't appear to get that!

Anonymous said...

Has a balanced article about the issue, though the nuances of the fact that it is compulsory and not discussed with all stakeholders prior to implementation is not addressed

Anonymous said...

Did you see this: