Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lies, lies and bald faced lies says who?

Have you noticed that we are a nation of pathological liars? Those who don’t believe it, simply live in a cocoon of their own making. It does sound unpatriotic to say so, but then again it is even more patriotic to tell the truth. Their again begs the question, what is truth and what are lies?

Taking my first assertion, it seems pretty obvious that lying is not something that is the exclusive purview of the poor or less educated, who try to skirt the truth in their struggle to survive in a harsh world, and do so out of necessity. The shamefaced lies come from the top, and in my opinion, the pathological nature of the lies, make it seem that the liar also believes in the lies, which he may do, as he is not even in a position to distinguish between right and wrong.

We have been so used to being lied to we even vote for the politician who lies the most even though we know the promise made to gain the vote is too far fetched to hold any sense of reality. What does that make us? We have made lying normal.
So here I go again, “kalpanakaranna” is the operative word, in disseminating any item of news one hears or reads, and then come to your own conclusion, based on your ability to judge. You may be right or wrong, but you came to the conclusion based on your experience and knowledge.

Just a few minutes ago I received a text from Ada Derana, saying the Government has given approval for a 500 room hotel at a cost of US$500M to Shangri La. If you believe that is true, then a room will cost on average US$1M, and a minimum of 15% net return on investment is required. That is US$150K a year, which on 75% occupancy, very high by international standards means 240room nights. That is a clear profit of US$150,000/275 which equals US$540 profit per night on a 500room hotel, something that has yet to be achieved anywhere in the world.

So when we get pathological lies passed to us even in this form, where the sender is so dumb as to pass such asinine figures around as being fact, it is up to us the recipient of the news to have a good laugh at their expense, rather than at the next cocktail party make a fool of oneself quoting this text verbatim as if it is the truth.

The truth of the US$500M investment is probably not just for the hotel, but includes an apartment complex, and a shopping mall which when viewed in its entirety is more logical. We then come to the next point of discussion, of will it ever be built, and if so when will it be completed, in our lifetime or after!!! The obstacles and pitfalls are humongous and lets hope the investor does not back out.

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citizenswatch said...

This development and others will come up despite the pessimism. SL has entered a new age of development and mega corruption!