Sunday, November 21, 2010

The long absence or call it break and brake from blogging

I am back in the land of the blogs after a long absence and I must confess to being ambivalent as to whether this has been a good thing or not. It is the forced holiday on Friday the 19th (unpaid for me despite the government requesting the private sector to grant a paid one) as I have a work place in Colombo 1, and the wet and blustery days of the weekend that forced me indoors that finally gave me the time and dare I say it desire to pen a few thoughts!!!

These few months where I have neither checked my blogs or that of any of the others for that matter, has been a time of thinking. (kalpanakarana kalaya) It was a time to gather my thoughts which I did not have to share with anyone, but most of all about the treadmill I had climbed onto most unintentionally. It was this activity with no break except to eat and sleep that made me wonder if it was worth my sharing all the events of my life with strangers, and if I did then was it something anyone else was interested in anyway, as most people read a blog for education, entertainment and to get another opinion of a particularly hot topic.

I have yet to check my blogs for comments to find if people have missed my missives or not, and I am sure few really care. The comments made if any do not go to my email so I am none the wiser.

On reflection there have been so many things I have done lately, which have surprised me and come to think of it each day has been a story worth relating due to the unexpected and interesting events that have unfolded.

The variety of my work and the different people I have met, and the unexpected that have befallen me these months, sometimes make me wonder if I am living a dream or a nightmare!

Anyway, I am in one piece still cobbling together a life, none the worse for wear and still in relatively good spirits and health, with optimism and hope intact, despite a litany of woes.

I must go back into the blogs I used to follow to see if I have missed some truly interesting posts. I also wonder if after this long absence if my entry gets into the likes of ‘kottu’ to get a chance of being picked up, but we shall see wont we! My faceless and nameless friends I am sorry for the silence. It was unintended and it just so happened due to circumstances. I have just had to work that much harder these past few months.


Frank said...

So good to have your back Ranjit and certainly I am sure you have been greatly missed.

Last Friday's Presidential event seems to have raised some issues - plenty of commentary online.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back mate.