Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do you know? I just discovered the ruling classes are reading my blog!!

This blog is primarily devoted to common sense issues that come to my mind from my personal experiences, which I believe will help in improving the quality of life for the average Sri Lankan. I respect differences of opinion, as I don’t expect people to accept everything I write, but if they just think of what I have written and come up with another alternative based on my evaluation, then I have the satisfaction that I have commenced a dialogue that will hopefully lead to positive change and direction on an issue in question.

I believe that whatever we do in life should be for a purpose or motive that leads to a net benefit to society. It is in that vein that I have taken advantage of the blogosphere to express my views and opine on topics that are of interest to me, and comment on observations that I find interesting which may spur discussion and an eventual shift in action, policy, thought or direction.

It is therefore heartening that a government looking hard at solutions to intractable problems, has a source they can refer to when they want to know what is wrong? What can be done to solve them? With a source they need not credit and gain brownies for someone else’s effort. My agenda is transparent, I don’t represent any particular interest group except mine personally, and I am fairly critical of the legislators, so no one needs to admit reading this blog, let alone cribbing ideas and suggestions from it.

So guys and ladies, recommend the blog to your colleagues if they want some genuine unsolicited advice as sometimes in your ivory towers with sycophants all around you, it is hard to see the wood from the trees.

Remember that many people who give advice live a life far removed from the people whose lives they are trying to affect by actions and policies and at least reading some of my stuff, you know that this is from one who experiences some of the problems on a daily basis at first hand and writes about it, something few people can at my end of the spectrum do to be heard.

Mayor of Colombo if you read this (sorry I forgot Colombo does not even have a Mayor!!!)…. “the roads are not constructed properly, and the water does not drain into sink holes, but remain in puddles on the side, when I walk on the pavement, I get drenched by the spray of vehicles driving into the puddles, even though I try to be as far from the road as possible. None of the elected officials walk, so they will be unaware of this problem. I perform a green service to the environment by walking, you can help us walk, without hindrance, and help the environment.”


Anonymous said...

"Minister Silva said that planting of trees on road sides and maintenance of green pastures would curb the erosion caused by incessant rains. He said this type of approach would save the commuters from dust and heat of the sun."

The above extract from the webpage above on the maintenance of roads, shows that in a meeting at Temple Trees yesterday, while it was pouring outside, our Deputy Minister of Highways was talking about saving commuters from dust and heat not rain and puddles!!

Need I say more? Love it!

George said...

"None of the elected officials walk". That says it all.

Anonymous said...

this title is misleading. how did you discover that the ruling classes are reading your blog, and who in the ruling classes is among your readership?