Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It is an extremely important General Election stupid!!! and not a beauty contest for preferences

It is a very sad time indeed in our Serendipitous Isle, for ‘Good Governance’ that we hold a General Election, where no one knows what the individual parties stand for, and which if truth be told, the Governing Alliance did not even bother to publish a manifesto, being confident that they will win.

The election therefore has been reduced to one of people, with all ‘Media Advertising’ as well as posters and cutouts concentrating merely on individuals to be elected to represent a district. Individuals therefore have had to raise funds, use public resources unashamedly, a perfect example being the foreign minister using the resources of his ministry to plug himself as the savior of SL, and somehow fight to get the preferences. You judge whether he deserves to win.

In this election it is tough for the hardworking to get their names across as they have been unable to raise the mega funds available. If I were to give examples from the Colombo District, I say that Susil Premajayanth a very unostentatious man living simply in a small house, not known for taking any funds for personal gain, representing the ruling alliance, and Manju Sri Arangala, representing the main opposition, well known within his area of Homagama as a very hard working local politician who had done wonders in his area, and who commanded the largest percentage vote of any from a local electorate, may struggle to get in due to the problem of lack of name recognition outside his sphere of influence.

Whether either of these two gentlemen will get sufficient preferences, to get into parliament, I don’t know, and would sure hope so, but it is lack of money stupid!!!
We now agree the system is flawed and needs change, and I sincerely hope that the next parliament will with the assistance of the Opposition, change the system, to one that is more representative and accountable and do away with the preferences.

When in this Democratic Socialist Republic did we think it is Capitalist, Wealthy, non-tax paying, where did his money come from, Celebrity people who will get elected at the expense of competent, hardworking honest patriotic and dedicated people. The people, police, public and powers pay patronizing deference to these Members of Parliament as if they are some beings from outer space, when they have done nothing to earn this respect. Most of the people who seem to support them in public seem not to be old enough to vote, or are paid to attend, so I hope common sense will prevail, and I pray the voter will remember not to vote for the person who bought his last meal, but the person who best can represent his or her interests in Parliament for six long years and not defect to another party!!!!

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