Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kudirimalai - Horse Point - Where Vijaya was supposed to have landed

History is folklore some of which is true, but if there is no written record at the time of making then the spoken word through which it was passed on until documented in stone carvings or Ola leaf will add spice to the truth but we will still believe it all as gospel not accepting the fact that it may only be partially true.

I have chosen to show some photos I took at this point which is a prominent landmark as it is just at the tip of the Northwestern edge of the Willpattu National Park, with a sheer cliff like drop to the water.

setting sun off Kudirumalai
Let the reader come to his or her own conclusions about where exactly it was that Vijaya landed, but be that as it may it was somewhere in this vicinity. Note the unusual colors of the rock, which the thambapanni word is also used to describe and attribute to.

Silhouettes at nightfall over Kudirumalai point


Magerata said...

Earth look very iron rich, could also have other metals.

Dev Wijewardane said...


Kirigalpoththa said...

Very interesting!

I think we see similar geological features in the right opposite point of Sri Lanka known as Minihagalkanda in Yala National Park.

I too think this is the place 'Thambapanni' where Vijaya landed.