Thursday, February 11, 2010

“The end justifies the means” way of running a country

Sri Lanka has during the Rajapakse Presidency followed the above strategy, first in terms of winning the war against the LTTE terrorists and now in terms of establishing a permanent rule devoid of effective opposition.
However to ensure permanent rule one has to show results as actions speak louder than words, or face a humiliating end at some future date. History is replete with such instances. The UNP as the opposition is the preferred route as they are seen as docile and ineffective, full of fat cats and compliant sheep who cannot be aroused. The JVP leadership like Anura Kumara, Sunil, Vijitha and Lal Kantha are the vocal, fluent and factually competent opposition that presents a credible, persuasive case to the public of the transgressions of the government. They now face total elimination and annihilation at the forthcoming General Election as they have no following in the country as a whole, and arguably lost votes for the Swan alliance rather than add votes in the grand coalition that recently backfired.
The strategy of wanting to be in power for as long as possible and doing that which is necessary to achieve this seems to be the direction. Therefore undemocratic means and the use of State Machinery to ensure permanence is the order of the day. A very pliant population that has lost confidence in their ability to affect change and take the attitude of “let the devil we know have his way as the devil we don’t may be worse” allows an undisputed arrogance in the use and abuse of this power, to go unchallenged and appears to me to be the strategy that is being used.
The Society has become so polarized that many educated and intelligent people honestly believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way things are as they are drunk with the election victories and justification of the behavior of the power elites. In this situation, reason goes by the board and using the end justifies the means theory accept all the wrongdoings with unabashed jubilation.
It is therefore frightening that even the use of the word human rights abuses are put down as western subjugation of Sri Lanka, as the West can engage in such abuses at will using the Israeli and Afghan crises as current examples. Have these people lost their heads? It has nothing to do with the outside world, and a lot to do with how we treat our fellow countrymen with decency respect and the rule of law. They must realize that suppression of the Media is not to teach the West a lesson in non-interference but something that affects the fundamental rights of all human beings living in Sri Lanka. We should be free to read and write what we want without fear as there are laws to take account of any misuse of this privilege.

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Magerata said...

I think many voted for their chosen candidates (Every candidate got at least some votes, including the monk)
I think people voted this time not for candidates but for winning the war. The removal of terrorists have made it better for all Sri Lankans, even though the circumstances are not ideal, (not even close to that.) people can work towards it without having get their asses blown up.
I did not vote but if I did it would have been MR, even after seeing what is going on.
Let MR have his time and soon people will wake up and in six years(?) they will vote again, to a similar person.
It is mostly people like to be led rather than leading. Everyone need to realize their potential and work towards own personal revolution and before anyone notices country will be doing better.
From what I read, you are showing what could be done. I am glad for you and anyone recognizes their own potential through your endeavor.