Wednesday, January 20, 2010

why can't a man in a beat up pick up truck win an election in Sri Lanka, whereas in the US he can?

The staggering result of the Massachusettes special election for Senator for the vacant seat of Senator Edward Kennedy, prompted me to write this entry. The winner a Republican drawing mainly from Independent voters (those not aligned to either of the two main parties) was unexpected as Ted Kennedy a Democrat held this seat for nearly 50 years. Even though President Obama carried the state with 62% of the vote the new senator Brown got a convincing 52% of the vote.

There appeared to be a backlash against the ruling government after a short period of control of both houses and the Senate with a 60 vote filibuster proof majority. Now the whole health care bill that is going through the House of Representatives is in doubt, as many Congressmen fear losing in the coming November elections. Remember that in the US lower house is elected only for a 2 year term, while a Senator is elected for a 6 year term.

What drew me to write was that the Brown campaign ads had him with his beat up pick up truck, showing him as as an average Joe fighting the establishment, which must have stuck a chord with the voters.

Well I too am an average Joe with a much beaten up pick up truck, and I too would like to seek the vote as one who is more aware of the needs of the people, than most of the elected of our land, who just pretend to know the pulse as well as the suffering that they undergo. However my issue which I still fail to comprehend is that the electors like a show, a padashow if you like! to show that the person they are electing is a man of means with goons in tow, pajeros by the dozen and arrack by the barrel and money to burn on cut outs of himself by the truck load, and scurrilous literature of the opposition by the closed van load to be painted on walls overnight.

Should I for one go against the grain of this thinking and be proud of my weather beaten workhorse and promise if elected, to first deliver my thambili to my long standing kade customers near the parliament, before entering its gates as their new MP!!!!! I believe it is time that genuine humility and an income earner enters parliament and not one who has income, or is given income!!

Tell me what you think. Is it possible in Sri Lanka that we can rise above the con and go about our electing on a basis of a real program and not outrageous promises.

Tell me what you think. We need to have a dialogue before we go any further in persuing this avenue.

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