Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What have we learnt in the past week from Western Media Sources?

I have gone about my normal activities this week, save for Sunday the 17th where I spent the whole day on the net, absorbing all the international news, I could read, from English language sources, primarily from the Western nations, but also from India and China.

The Western News Media(WNM) was to a fault, very skeptical and totally lacking in praise, contrasting with the sheer joy and jubilation we felt here at home, and the sense of relief that finally we could breathe easy and tread with less care when we step out of our homes. It is only fair that we are allowed to express these feelings in ways that come naturally to us. Some got into pick ups with Sri Lanka flags and shouted the end of the LTTE. Others lit crackers, while still others set up makeshift places to prepare and serve Kiri Bath (Milk Rice) a traditional food served on festive occasions.

What irked me about the WNM was that I have in the past years noted the bias they have for the LTTE. The Tamil Diaspora(TD) have steadily and consistently provided them with the angle in a calculated and deliberate manner, which has also been effective in prodding their political leaders to concentrate on their side of the story, which for obvious reasons contrasts starkly with the side that the SL govt. wishes to portray. However the canard of lies finally was proof beyond doubt, when the civilians were rescued before the final battle that eliminated the hardcore, as well as the whole of the top leadership in a day. There was no admission of being misled, and the media promptly even without 24 hours grace turned on HR violations and mass killings of innocents etc.

This is proof beyond doubt if ever that was needed. I felt that a balance was required, from one extreme of government propaganda on the Island that was very clever, as it was directed towards the whole purpose of winning the war, and I don’t take issue with that, as is their right. Lack of balance in WNM therefore meant that polarized issues were all that appeared. My opinion was taken by each side, as being a lap dog of the other. This is the problem in being objective, as it does not please either agenda.

I am of the opinion that Western Journalism has hit rock bottom, only catering to sensational by lines, and profit motive of attracting readership, no matter what is said. We must give credit where it is due, no matter our opinions on how it was achieved, as the LTTE terror outfit is history.


Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

one exception to biased reporting I found surprisingly from the Globe and Mail of Canada is noted below and it is worth a read on the true colors of VP. Of course Tamil diaspora in Canada would be furious, but courageous of the paper to call a spade a spade

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...
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MACHAAN said...

Nice propaganda there, mate. You Sinhalese are good at it, no?