Sunday, February 15, 2009

positive contribution of the blogging community in appreciating opposing views

'Kalpanakaranna' or thinking is essential in everything we do or say, as otherwise we just become passive acceptors of everything presented to us at face value. A healthy dose of skepticism is essential, so that one can reason out information that is being conveyed, by the media, friends, and by our own observations. Remember two people even viewing the same action, may interpret that in different ways, based on their personal prejudices and experiences.

In the same vein those reading my blog could have diametrically opposing opinions about what I write and, often what I meant and what they interpret can also be far apart. It is partly what one wants to read into what is written and partly by failure in writing fluently enough in explaining my point of view.

Do many of you remember when we read poetry and then analyze that in class. The very different interpretations can even make the author blush, as most of it is a far cry from the poet's actual message.

What all this boils down to is that we are all unique, we have independent minds, and we should be able to freely engage in exchanging our thoughts and ideas, and this format of blogging is a great way to get opinions from people of different mind sets, in different parts of the world.

I am very hopeful that this medium of communication, will enhance the quality of life of those who engage in it, and also educate all of us to the fact that there are so many people with so many differing opinions, which we must respect, even though we may not agree with some of the interpretations.

I have seen the quality of the bloggers improve over time and I honestly feel that there is an incredible talent in the Sri Lankan based Blogosphere, that is helpful to all of us. I certainly hope this will be a positive force in bringing about harmony amongst our very vocal and opinionated community who hold uncompromising views on matters of national importance, once they can see that a different point of view that has some merit, also exists.

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