Friday, January 9, 2009

Assassination of an Editor of a Newspaper on January 8th 2009

Kalpanakaranna, I say repeatedly about everything that is happening in this country. We have had so many killings in this country both of media personnel and other political related ones as well as other crimes such as the bombing of the TV studios, but I have yet to be aware of any culprit being apprehended for any of these crimes let alone convicted.

This in a country where the security is very tight, with road-blocks and temporary checkpoints. Just think, how can that be unless all these crimes are committed with political and security forces patronage. I have no proof, of who is directly responsible, but the odds are that it has received at best government blessing, and at worst direct orders from the highest level.

No matter what success our Armed Forces have obtained on the battlefield it has all come to naught if people are not protected especially in Colombo. The country has descended into the law of the jungle, and the general public, with a few exceptions are unable to rationalize what is happening due to the lack of being able to think through the implications of events and actions.

In this land of the lotus eaters we are continuing to eat lotuses! We just say the problem is someone else’s and we are not affected so we don’t need to do anything about it. Complacency on our part just encourages the perpetrators who are now convinced they will never be brought to book, and their level of violence and the level of brazen attacks of this nature will continue. Think a little further, the people who encouraged this will eventually meet the same fate from this Frankenstein’s monster they themselves created, but later find it impossible to control and contain once the bloodthirsty nature of the hired assassins knows no bounds. The assassin is only the person who pulls the trigger, the mastermind is ensconced in a security blanket for his or her protection, and one day meet the same fate.

There is no argument about the fact that it is the future of the patriotic honest and hardworking people of this country that is at stake, and under attack by a mob of power hungry, corrupt, incompetent people who are unable to rule with dignity and patriotism. They are of the belief that by means of a dictatorship they are doing the right thing, but are unable to see the damage they are doing to the fabric and future of society. They are surrounded by sycophants, and not reality. The truth is that all 100 ministers are the prime sycophants personally benefiting from their positions, and so imprisoned.

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