Friday, October 3, 2008

the US presidential debates - round one

If I was from outer-space, but with a lot of knowledge of history, geography and topography of Earth I would have been horrified that one of the two candidates in the debate would within months lead the most powerful nation on earth! God help the human race!

That is the problem with politics because it is directed at winning the vote of prejudiced ill informed and in the case of the United States broadly a very dumb TV watching populace who have never set foot outside of their continent.

If one breaks the debate down to Foreign and Domestic issues; In terms of foreign policy you only need to change the strategy to enhance public opinion outside the US so that all the world’s trouble-makers are no longer a threat to the security interests of the US. It is conceptually very simple and with good espionage all decisions should merely be congruent with this strategy. It requires countervailing measures to minimize the threats from the three types of nemesis listed below.

One being the economic threat of counterweights of Russia, China and to a lesser extent the EU. The other being consequences of the US policy of defending the state of Israel, which are the jihadists of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan being given moral authority due to US intransigence on leaning on Israel. The third are those challenging US energy policy which is still dependent on oil where the strategy should be to immediately change direction to alternative sources, which will automatically lessen the clout of Venezuela and bit players using their oil wealth to cause upheavals.

On the domestic front, the crisis that has been created due to greed was expected so those risk takers should pay for taking the risk, with an underlying floor to ensure that people living in their homes are not turfed out, but where the state holds an equity share for bailing them out of their greed. So the bailout will mean a benefit in the long term for the state in taking a profit when the home is eventually sold as all US homes change hands at least every ten years.

Long term structural adjustments to reduce the likelihood of speculation need also be taken, but that is more difficult to implement until there is a sea change in peoples attitudes to “me versus us” syndrome where for example a collectivist attitude on health care is called for to prevent people from being left to die on the roads because there is no social safety net.

The problem with the US Houses of Congress is no different to the Sri Lankan legislators. Once they get elected they want to remain there forever even though most of them are unable to grasp government or carry out the wishes of the electorate. So no one really does a days work and just bamboozle the electorate to believe simple problems have complicated solutions, even though most problems have fundamentally very simple solutions if only one is able to see it without the tinted glasses they wear.

I can solve all of America’s domestic and foreign policy problems in a short while, but because the jobs of millions are to solve these problems, they will all be out of a job so they will not permit simple solutions as otherwise they cannot justify their existence.

While I was explaining to someone why I gave up accounting. It was simply that people were making it complicated to keep their jobs so no one was interested in doing things very simply as then they would not be able to justify and further increase their pay packets. This same theory hold true to politics and running the country, it is so simple, an idiot can do it but those with an education will not permit simple solutions as they have justify why they have got an education in order to supposedly contribute something.

In summary every problem can be broken down into its fundamentals and solved by consensus between reasonable human beings. However as human beings are just not reasonable, due to human nature being fundamentally greedy, we have these so called problems constantly appearing.

It is sad that in this world where 4 billion people will die in the next 50 years, we are creating problems when none ought to be there. We should make life easier and not more difficult, and if we look to enhance quality of life rather than wealth creation, which are completely different things many of the issues of the day will not arise. It is the fact that these simple principles upheld in Christianity and Buddhism are ignored by even the most rabid Christian and Buddhist, that we have these problems. Misuse of religion has contributed to much of what is wrong in the world today.

We know the problem, we have the solution, but we are not ready to share. We therefore commit the rest of society to live in misery out of that greed.

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