Saturday, August 23, 2008

it is so hard to please all

the photo above shows the bunches of king coconuts, some as much as 30 in a bunch waiting to be packed into the cab to be taken to Colombo for sale.

I have noted on my blogs the trouble I have had in 2008 with cutting and selling my king coconuts. It is difficult to cut when the man who climbs the trees does not turn up and when he does it invariably rains.

When I eventually deliver I do get customers later complaining that the fruit was too mature to eat, something which is not always apparent on visuals alone. Some customers only want very mature ones and others very immature, 'lapaty' being the Sinhala word.

Actually the home delivery is not economical just for one product, so I should drop the delivery as I both make a loss and also have the extra trouble of isolating a immature bunch for delivery. It is the nature of individual customers, and that is why people would rather sell direct whole sale so the consumer remains opaque! maybe it is time for me to try that instead.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing the farm. Very inviting!