Saturday, March 29, 2008

Readability of a blog

In the era of sound bites and limited attention span, even a blog is one where the message needs to be communicated in a few lines before the reader loses interest. If one wants a blog to be read, then each topic has to be short and sweet, and to the point. A long essay does not go well in a blog, though sometimes it is essential to be a little verbose to get the message across. Due to the indexing available it is easier to mix short and long writings so that the title header will determine if it is clicked on and read.

My blogs therefore come into the category of boringly long, and only worthwhile if one is interested in the particular topic. I blog so that at least there is a store of my writings somewhere on the net for who ever wants to read and maybe one day I can print it and edit it into some kind of publication or publication on different topics.

Watching TV and reading the newspapers are areas where people spend a very long time each day. As I rarely watch TV and finish my paper in about 10 minutes, I have made time to type my thoughts on my lap top and transfer them on to the blog about once a week if time permits.

That in essence is me and my blog. I don’t use it as a journal of daily events, which I keep separately and has no place on a blog.

It is also interesting from time to time to go back and read what I have written a while ago to see if I am still in agreement with the content. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised how current some of the information is and how in context my writings are, not just on historical events, but also the angle I view a particular event with, some times quite different to the perceived stance.

I aim to simplify my life, to see more meaning in what I do, to be able to live at a better quality of life than I currently have and to be able to give back something, so that what I have is not totally lost once I go, but someone has benefited from my thoughts, words or deeds.
I am in mid struggle in life and am trying to document the path I am treading as I am constantly making mistakes, some at great personal cost, so that by thinking through what I am doing I can improve the direction I am taking in life, correcting myself as I go alon

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