Friday, August 19, 2016

Personal power generation and sharing with others is ILLEGAL! Time to change

We need NEW thinking in power generation especially in renewable. The world is changing, and the developed countries, the worst culprits in using fossil fuels are rapidly changing their power generation to renewable, so much so that ALL future development will ONLY be on renewable.

In contrast, Sri Lanka, led by the fossils called the CEB Engineers, they will NOT hear of the word renewable. To them it is a dirty word, and to us, they are the dirty words, traitors in short. I know they are masters at exposing their ignorance, but it is their self interest in a world where ALL CEB Engineers should be mothballed out of the CEB, they are fighting tooth and nail to survive! Little wonder then.

The link of the use of excess personal production is enlightening, and it now seems that the lobbies other than those at the CEB are able to access the Political Power, to their way of thinking, as it is the ONLY way forward. Can anyone argue about renewable? NO and if there is an argument at present it is about cost. Now the most expensive part of the solar, the panels themselves, are much cheaper and easier to produce, and in a few years will be even more efficient, along with cost reductions.

The link above is the clearest yet of how far advanced Solar is and how easy it is to convert to solar, without the need for expensive power plants. Frankly power plants are the past. The cretins of the CEB are still lost in translation, maybe they cannot even read English, let alone be at the forefront of technology.

The Govt. SIMPLY NEEDS TO throw some panels up, and ALL THOSE who pick it up WILL install them in their homes, IMMEDIATELY relieving the CEB of having to power them, and if they are worried about the night and day issue, then all they have to realize is that once the super sophisticated batteries come on stream, from the likes of the GIGA FACTORY in the Nevada Desert, in two to three years, that too will be automatically solved. Homes will use their own generated power ALL DAY LONG, especially at night. Perhaps the fossils in the CEB are still fast asleep. Too much pay for no work, makes Jack a dull boy!

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Anonymous said...

What better go ahead for solar than Cabinet approval for consumers to produce electricity. Finally some enlightened thought from the Govt. They have finally realized the canard of the fossils who are trying to sell their fossil fuel to the Govt. and pocket some gain! Time for them to be fossilized!